4 Apr 2018

Seed Meditation

Author: Teresa Burnett-Cole  /  Categories: Liturgy, Spirituality  / 
Imagine a seed of your favourite flower, it appears dead.

Take that seed and mentally plant it in rich soil, with adequate water, and plenty of sunlight. Become aware of the natural energy of the universe, God’s creative power, the energy of growth that allows this tiny seed to burst forth.

See the roots shooting out in all directions, becoming embedded in the rich dirt around it.

The sprout is now a living thing. Watch as it gains nourishment and the millions of tiny cells divide and multiply, millions and billions of tiny intelligent beings, taking direction from the blueprint of the universe.

All these cells, being intelligent, know exactly how to acquire the things they need for growth and expression, all provided by the Creator.

See the stem shoot upward, and burst from the surface of the earth, and watch it grow and divide into leaves, and tiny stems, each one holding a small bud. Now you see as one of the buds begins to become inspired and unfold into your favourite flower.

As this flower blooms, focus intently, and become aware of the fragrance of the flower wafting through the air.

Picture that flower in all its beauty. Concentrate on the mystery of its growth and uniqueness.

You are that precious bloom, created by God, your unique pattern embedded in your very cells by the Holy One.

Let go of any negativity that pulls you away from feeling that deep love. Focus instead on the love before you, around you, and in you.

As you open your eyes, rest in the knowledge of God’s deep love for you – binding your cells together, the special pattern that is you.

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