16 Feb 2019

White Privilege

How do we navigate the waters of white privilege? How do we identify the signs of it and work to eradicate it?


14 May 2018

The Offering - Admission or Gift

The Offering often feels like admission to a show but the offering has much deeper theological and cultural roots.


23 Feb 2017

Taking Risks

When someone mentions an eagle, what do you think of in your mind?  Would you rather be a chicken in the folk or an eagle catching thermals in the heavens? What is the church being called to do?

5 Jul 2016

I Lost A Friend Today – Abruptly and Again

I lost a friend today – abruptly and again. This friend and I were a team for a few years when we worked together in ministry. Then in a moment of great need on my part, she abruptly stopped supporting me. It has been three years, and yet, my heart lurched when I heard of her passing.

9 Nov 2015

The Seasons, They are A-Changin'

I love this time of year.  This morning air is crisp and cool, the sky is a brilliant blue, the vibrant and varied fall foliage transform our landscape with hues of red, orange, and yellow.  And change is afoot, not only in nature.  In various ways, our corner of the world is preparing for a changing season.  It means closing up the cottage, settling back into the school routine, preparing our gardens for the snow, putting on our winter tires.  We are right in the midst of a season of transition and change.

9 Nov 2015

What are we Remembering?

Remembrance Day is a challenge for Christian preachers.  For most of us our permanent default is to be peacemakers.  And that makes it difficult to stand before a congregation and praise the work of soldiers.  At first glance, Remembrance Day is all about war…and thus is presumed to be the opposite of peace,  But I’ve never met a soldier who hasn’t been all about peace.  They, who have seen the worst humanity can do to one another, are passionate about ending the violence of war even as they know that sometimes war is inevitable.  Albert Camus once wrote:  “peace is the only battle worth waging.”  The soldiers I’ve known understand that and have committed their bodies to following it up.

16 Aug 2015

Whatever Happened to the Comprehensive Review at General Council?

After several days of discussion, the General Council has passed a reworked version of the Comprehensive Review Task Group (CRTG) recommendations.

The omnibus proposal passed with 95 percent of commissioners voting in favour and 4 percent against. The omnibus motion was moved by Cathy Hamilton, who chaired the CRTG, and seconded by Larry Doyle, who co-chaired the CRTG Sessional Committee.
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