2 Jul 2017

Rethinking Canadian Culture

Canada Day, which the country observed yesterday, raises all sorts of troubling questions, some of them quite divisive....I want to run with a question about culture today, but it is a bit of a spin off from the usual culture questions that are raised by Canada Day. I want to ask whether the basic message that Jesus preached in fact raises some even more fundamental challenges to the ways culture is celebrated.

19 Jun 2017

Go Make Disciples of All Nations?

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations." There are probably fewer words in the Scriptures that have had a more profound effect on our common history as the men and women of the Christian faith in that simple phrase: "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations." 

4 Jun 2017

Who Has Seen the Wind?

“Who has seen the wind? Neither I nor you? But when the leaves hang trembling, the wind is passing through. Who has seen the wind? Neither you nor I. But when the leaves bow down their heads, the Wind is passing by.”

22 May 2017

Wistfully Dreaming of Camelot

I believe God has instilled in us a craving, a deep desire to run with him on a fantastic adventure, yet many of us crawl along in life without even a glimpse of our hidden passion. There has to be a reason for living. There must be a Camelot, a hidden Utopia where we can rest from our personal campaigns. Fantasy opens our eyes to a better place, a shining city we do not yet know. And these stories provide a mental bridge to that city as we pursue horizons we could never distinguish with our physical eyes. ~ Bryan Davis

16 May 2017

The Gift of Mary

The biblical stories about mothers share some interesting insights.  Oprah Winfrey once said that biology is the least of what makes one a mother.  The biblical witness reaffirms this notion.

11 May 2017


23 Feb 2017

Taking Risks

When someone mentions an eagle, what do you think of in your mind?  Would you rather be a chicken in the folk or an eagle catching thermals in the heavens? What is the church being called to do?

21 Feb 2017

What's the Deal with Pancake Day?

Pancake Day, also known as Pancake Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday, is the day before the first day of Lent, known as Ash Wednesday.  Shrove Tuesday is always 47 days before Easter Sunday so Pancake Day falls sometime between February and March every year.  Pancake Day is also known as Mardi Gras, a French name meaning Fat Tuesday.  This year Pancake Day is on Tuesday, February 28.


14 Feb 2017

Try a Little Kindness

Lately I've been thinking about kindness.  I've noticed a distinct edginess in the air.  It cannot simply be attributed to recent political events  or "he who must not be named" in the United States of America.  The general tenor of public discourse has taken a turn toward coarse intolerance and impatience with one another that makes life more difficult than it needs to be.  Next week February 17-24 is Kindness Week and this is one voluntary day of recognition that I am going to celebrate.   


6 Jul 2016

Sir John A. McDonald – A Dubious Beginning

July 1 is Canada Day, a day during which many Canadians celebrate the achievements of the founding fathers of this country. Sir John Alexander Macdonald, as the first Prime Minister of Canada, July 1, 1867 – November 5, 1873, (and again October 17, 1878 – June 6 1891) will be one of those whose achievements will be celebrated.
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