16 Aug 2015

Whatever Happened to the Comprehensive Review at General Council?

After several days of discussion, the General Council has passed a reworked version of the Comprehensive Review Task Group (CRTG) recommendations.

The omnibus proposal passed with 95 percent of commissioners voting in favour and 4 percent against. The omnibus motion was moved by Cathy Hamilton, who chaired the CRTG, and seconded by Larry Doyle, who co-chaired the CRTG Sessional Committee.

11 Jun 2015

New Ministry, New Challenges

Hello Friends,

I’ve moved from native ministry on Christian Island to a wonderful congregation in the heart of Ottawa – Glebe-St. James United Church.  GSJ is an Affirming Congregation in the United Church of Canada – which means that they are deliberate in welcoming everyone who comes in the doors.  What particularly interested me was their commitment to social justice and, in particular, their desire to understand and support the neighbouring First Nations communities.

7 Jul 2012

Cross-Cultural Issues - Pow Wow Etiquette

Summer is the time for the Pow Wow Trail.  Throughout North America different nations are celebrating their annual pow wows and most are open to visitors.  These events are wonderful opportunities to drink in the best of the culture.  While things seem pretty free and open, there are rules to observe.  Like anything else, it is hard to know what to do unless you are told – so consider the following before heading out to your local pow wow.

28 May 2012

Practical Ecumenism

Ministry on the island is intimately pretty practical.  I was planning to head to the Indian Fellowship Meeting at Rama First Nation today but last night one of the Roman Catholic women on the island stopped by.  One of her relatives had passed away and was being brought home to the island today.  Unfortunately, the priest, not understanding the need for his presence at this time, was not able to be available for the “welcome home to the island” ceremony.  So…I threw on my clerical collar and went down to meet the ferry, then vested and led the service at the Catholic Church.  As a former Catholic myself it was a little strange to be vested and leading worship in the Catholic Church in place of the priest!  (But I kind of liked it!)  The family isn’t sure whether the priest will be there for the wake tonight so I have to be prepared to lead that too…  And be ready to play and sing as well.

2 Apr 2012

Sunday School Does Easter

The Easter Egg Hunt, requested by the kids, is a huge success!
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